Guest House and Land For Sale

Natural Mystic Sanctuary is located on 6 acres of hill land surrounded by scenic tea plantations and enchanting ancient forest. Close to the Sinharaja rainforest it is a popular destination for people wanting to enjoy the nature and beauty of the area. The land has been organic for at least 5 years and some parts of the land have been left as a nature reserve which is shown by the diversity of flora, fauna and birds that can be seen here. There is also a river on two sides as its border which boasts small waterfalls and pools to have a relaxing dip on a hot day.

The climate is great in this area, not hot and sweaty like the coastal areas. It is hot during the day but cool in the night and early mornings. Benefits of the climate are there is much less flies and mosquitos plus there is no need to use fans or AC.

There are 5 buildings in total. At the main entrance there are 3 buildings - The first is a 2 story building with 2 rooms and bathroom. The second contains two luxury rooms, each with en suite bathroom and a large veranda. The third is currently used as the kitchen but could also be a family room. A new bedroom and bathroom are currently being attached. All the bathrooms have solar hot water system for those cool mornings. Further down the land close to the river and surrounded by big trees, including an ancient banyan, are 2 mud huts. One has an en suite bathroom and a small veranda, the other has a veranda both sides, separate toilet and outside waterfall shower. There is everything you need to run the hotel including bed sheets and linen, Kitchen equipment and white ware etc. when full at least 16 people can stay and there is plenty of space for further development. 

NMS is completely off grid having its own spring for the water supply and utilizing solar panels for the electricity. There is mains electricity close by so a grid connection could be easily made. Some of the produce that is sold from the land includes cinnamon, pepper, cloves and bananas. Other things produced on the land for own use include, papaya, pineapple,  jackfruit, coconuts, king coconuts, chillies, eggplant, guava, avocado, limes, pomegranate, japanese orange, aloe vera, moringa, beans, manioc, taro, soursop, vanilla, curry leaves, rampe, sugar cane.