Unique opportunity to live on a 6 acre tropical rainforest Sanctuary with established Eco Lodge in Sri Lanka.


Imagine waking up every morning to the sound of lovely birds and

monkeys instead of traffic noises and alarm clock! This lifestyle can now

become yours at this unique Sanctuary in Sri Lanka's last rainforest.


This 6 acre hill side property is a true Sanctuary including spectacular

views over tea plantations, ancient trees, pristine rivers, waterfalls, pools

and rich wildlife. It is a stunning retreat: spacious, unique and highly

desirable for nature lovers, peace seekers or as a business opportunity.


One of a kind through it's solar/hydro off grid system, hand crafted residences where every detail has been designed by the current owners during construction. Long lasting, High quality hardwood was used for roof structures, doors & window frames.

All the hard fundamental work is done from scratch on this virgin land: fencing the property, building new paths and access road, planting over 1000 trees, building stone terraces, setting up a water system from a spring situated on the land to mention only a few. The amount of work, and the circumstances under which it was done is so extraordinary, that many visitors express an interest in the story.


The current owners unusual approach towards the development of the property is reflected in the way it has grown into what it is now with different styles of houses.

The clever and eco friendly design of the three main houses with valley views makes Air Conditioning obsolete and guaranties a perfect climate with natural fresh air. It has an aesthetically pleasant combination of traditional architecture, rustic hardwood and stone elements. Artistic wall paintings and mosaics in and outside the rooms enhance the appearance.


Situated next to the upper entrance, the first building is two story with two rooms, two bathrooms, two verandas and a kitchenette. The second bungalow contains two rooms, each with en suite bathroom and a large scenic veranda. The third bungalow has two inter connected rooms with en suite bathrooms, and a vast wildlife spotting veranda. The master bedroom contains a lounge corner and kitchenette. The second room has a sleeping loft and is an ideal family room. All the bathrooms have solar hot water system.

Futher down the land, two cosy mud cabanas are situated close to the river, nestled amongst giant trees and allow a secluded privacy for those who like to immerse themselves in the rainforest. One is currently used as a Massage room and has an awesome open air waterfall shower and river pools nearby, perfect for a natural Spa.

With a little investment it could easily be developed into a thriving Wellness Business with no competition in this area. A Yoga and Meditation Shala next the the sacred Banyan tree has already been started (foundation level).


Surrounded by lush garden with exotic flowers and fruit trees, wildlife can be observed from all the verandas. Many different bird species, butterflies, purple faced leaf and macaque monkeys, giant squirrels, fireflies, reptiles, and many more can be spotted regularly and as the Sanctuary's biodiversity grows constantly more variety of wildlife can be seen here.

The natural beauty of this place is truly stunning and it's no wonder that this Sanctuary has become a popular place to stay for tourists from all over the planet. The nearby UNESCO Reserve is a biodiversity hotspot which welcomes more visitors every year.

The Sanctuary is easy to reach by car or public transportation, only 4 h away from the airport and 2 h from the south coast. Another big plus is the new infrastructure which makes travelling very comfortable and fast.

Highlights of the property:

  • Established Business with review rating 9.3

  • Self Sufficient - own water source, solar and hydro power (plus mains power)

  • 6 acre pristine land

  • Three fully equipped two bedroom Villas and two secluded Mud Cabana with private bathrooms

  • Restaurant situated close to the river and forest

  • Massage room and open air waterfall shower

  • Stunning views over a valley with lush rainforest and tea plantation

  • Majestic banyan tree and other ancient rainforest giants

  • Wildlife spotting around the houses

  • Refreshing Rippling River with pools along the property border

  • Perfect climate (pleasantly warm during the day and refershingly cool in the night) makes AC obsolete

  • Few mosquitos due to cooler climate

  • Very good internet connection

  • Flower & organic vegetable garden

  • Organic Pepper, Cinnamon and Clove produce

  • Abandoned tea plantation and paddy field structure which can easily be reactivated for extra income

  • Two access roads / gates situated on different levels of the hill

  • 4 WD and Off road motorbike